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"To watch F.W. Murnau's Nosferatu is to see the vampire movie before it had really seen itself. Here is the story of Dracula before it was buried alive in clichés, jokes, TV skits, cartoons and more than 30 other films. The film is in awe of its material. It seems to really believe in vampires."
-Roger Ebert,
Chicago Sun-Times
"It's not just a great horror movie. It's a poem of horror, a symphony of dread, a film so rapt, mysterious and weirdly lovely it haunts the mind long after it's over."
-Michael Wilmington,
Chicago Tribune
"In the realm of vampire films, this 1922 silent is the original motherlode. No one since has matched vampire Max Schreck's creepy loathsomeness."
-Marjorie Baumgarten,
Austin Chronicle

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